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What is RapidHiring® & How does it work?

VitesseWorks offers the time of the chosen consultant as the product. At the end of every month the approved timesheet is billed.


As permanent and steady employment in India becomes less alluring, RapidHiring® is expected to expand in scope. RapidHiring® is a quickly spreading phenomenon in various industries, especially IT. In this article, our experts will be explaining to you in detail about RapidHiring®, its benefits and ways of hiring. Keep reading.

What is RapidHiring®?

RapidHiring® is the practice of hiring workers temporarily, either for a predetermined period of time or until a specific task is completed. These workers may be freelancers or working professionals. Employers are increasingly using a flex workforce to achieve short-term initiatives and goals successfully. Organisations that require seasonal labour or a specialised workforce for a certain time of the year benefit immensely from flexible staffing.

Benefits of RapidHiring®

1. Immediate Availability

Because it is easy to let the flexible staff go after the planned task is over, employers find it simpler to hire few resources as part of their flexible staffing strategy. This enables them to select the most qualified candidate while averting a situation where the staff is considered as an employee and hence entitled to numerous benefits.

2. Reduced Cost To The Organisation

When a business engages both full-time and part-time workers, it can turn fixed expenses into variable costs by paying only for the currently required services. Additionally, the firm avoids the expense of hiring and training permanent employees.

3. Cuts Down On Unproductive Overtime

Employing workers only when necessary is a must-have idea if a company wishes to prevent idly spent overtime. It only aids in meeting the various expectations of a corporation as necessary. As a result, business need not request overtime from its permanent employees.

4. Increase Employee Retention

Combining full-time and part-time employees helps increase employee retention as the permanent employees are not overburdened with additional tasks.

5. Provides A Competitive Advantage

Employers are happier to hire professionals temporarily due to its numerous benefits. Happier workers are more competent, focused and productive, which helps in the advancement of the business as against an inflexible labour structure.

6. Companies Can Experiment With Potential Employees

A company will not be able to meet any unforeseen demands if it is considering recruiting permanent staff only. An expert’s services could be required for certain tasks. Finding the ideal candidate for the position will be easier if the organisation is open to flexible work.

If resources are deemed to be appropriate, they are hired as permanent employees; if not, it is easy to discontinue the engagement.

How Will RapidHiring® Work In 2022?

In Indian workplaces, flex staffing is rising in popularity. Some of the statistics illustrate the following:

  • In a study conducted in 2018 by Kelly Services and the Society for Human Resource Management, 68% of the firms reported having already employed temporary workers for projects lasting between six months and a year.
  • 60% of firms using temporary staffing or RapidHiring® discovered that they could recover from a slump considerably more quickly than those that did not, according to the Indian Staffing Federation’s 2018 report.
  • According to a 2019 article by the Economic Times, India’s 177 billion dollar IT services sector is aiming to hire nearly 7 lakh workers to minimise bench strengths and accelerate the deployment of shifting skill sets.
  • According to a survey by the Indian Staffing Federation in 2018, India ranked sixth globally in terms of the number of persons engaged in flex staffing, with 3.3 million employees in the nation and a value of 4.19 billion USD.  
  • The Hindu Business Line estimates that the RapidHiring® sector will grow at a pace of 22.7 percent.

RapidHiring® has started competing with conventional or full-time staffing in several firms as workforces become more technology oriented. Additionally, RapidHiring® will enable firms to respond swiftly to market needs and seasonal or cyclical changes. 

RapidHiring® has resulted in the development of thousands of positions for workers seeking flexible working arrangements. RapidHiring® has emerged as a practical method of doing so as the government becomes increasingly active in job development for the nation’s young. Its efficacy will be evident in 2022 and the days that follow.

What Does The Future Hold For RapidHiring®?

Given the chance and the industry’s growth rate in India, the number of flex workers employed in the formal sector might likely surpass that of all other nations in the next 12 years. The numbers tell a lot about the explosive Flexi employment rise and why businesses find it a desirable staffing option, allowing a lot of time to focus on core activities.

FAQs About RapidHiring®

What is an example of RapidHiring®?

A product engineering and industrial solutions firm wanted to rapidly deploy a Mobile App Developer with experience in Xamarin & React Native. VitesseWorks introduced  the RapidHiring® model to the client and sourced the right talent within 1 day. The resource developed a React-Native project from scratch and the application test run was successful. Read the various case studies by VitesseWorks to understand more about RapidHiring® and its use cases.

Where do I reach out for hiring rapid staff for short-term IT projects?

Please visit our webpage VitesseWorks.

Can we pilot?

Yes, VitesseWorks recommends a pilot since it is a new hiring technique.

What is the typical duration of RapidHiring®?

3-6 months, extendable.

What are the kind of agreements signed?

An agreement is signed between Customer & VitesseWorks and back-to-back with the consultant.

How does billing happen?

VitesseWorks offers the time of the chosen consultant as the product. At the end of every month the approved timesheet is billed.


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