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Reasons behind the Development of RapidHiring® in India



Corporate India is evolving by embracing the unconventional. The gig economy grew manifold and that can be vetted with the growth of the online retail sector, especially during the pandemic. Another proof is the ever-increasing demand for flex space in the top six cities of India, for large enterprises are opting to build hybrid workplaces for their special workforce ‘gig workers’, as reported by Nasscom. So, what led to the meteoric development of RapidHiring® in India? Let’s decode.

Demand for project-specific workers

India saw a sudden rise in demand for project-specific workers. In 2020-21 alone, 1.57 lakh gig workers were added to the gig economy. The huge numbers were filled in to meeting the rising demand for project-specific positions. For instance, there is a sudden boost in the demand for IT consultants, logo designers, web designers, and content creators in the past few years.

Stress of pandemic

The full-time employee model became a burden for corporates across the nation long time ago. Fear of taking the leap to RapidHiring® was overdue. The pandemic brought radical changes by forcing companies to try project-specific model in uncertain times. Adjustments along the way helped corporates find their respective best fits. Hence, development occurred while trying to reduce overhead costs and maximize gains.

Saturated West

The job market in the west is already saturated. With the highest youth workforce in the world, India provides a good rate of college pass-outs ready to be placed. As per a recent study, about 4% of final-year students in India take up rapid jobs.

Ready to sink in whatever flexible work opportunities are available, these part-time workers are always up to grab the best they can. Lapped up as a wiser recruitment opportunity by the global corporates, India is soon becoming the hotbed of the RapidHiring®system.


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Gig economy: The rise of the new collar among India's working class - Forbes

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