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At VitesseWorks, we provide RapidHiring® services for remote ReactJS developers. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to finding the ideal fit for your company’s requirements, whether you need a single developer or an entire team. ReactJS is a popular JavaScript library for building dynamic and interactive user interfaces. Due to its modular and flexible design, ReactJS has become an essential skill for any front-end developer and is widely used in modern web development.

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Hire React JS Developers

VitesseWorks understands that finding the right talent & on time, is crucial to the success of your business. That’s why we offer RapidHiring® services for ReactJS developers who are proficient in using the latest technologies and tools. The developers we position are experts in developing web applications, mobile applications, and other software solutions that help businesses achieve their objectives. We understand that every business is unique, so we offer flexible hiring models that can be customized to your specific needs. Whether you want to hire React JS developers for a short-term project or a long-term engagement, RapidHiring® can support you with the right solution to meet your needs!

React JS Developer
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We Choose React JS Developers with Impeccable Skills!

As a provider of RapidHiring® services for top JavaScript developers, we understand the importance of evaluating candidates’ skills to deliver high-quality solutions. ReactJS has become an essential skill for front-end developers, and finding the right ReactJS engineer can be challenging. That’s why we pick candidates with following key skills:

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Expertise in JSX

JSX is a syntax extension of JavaScript that enables developers to write HTML-like code within JavaScript. It is a crucial skill for ReactJS developers, as it allows them to create components and render them in the user interface. We offer you remote ReactJS engineers who have a solid understanding of JSX and can create appealing and engaging user interfaces.
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Strong Proficiency in Javascript and ES6

JavaScript is the foundation of ReactJS development, and it’s essential to hire React JS developer who have a strong understanding of its fundamental concepts. Additionally, proficiency in ES6 (ECMAScript 6) is a must-have skill for ReactJS engineers. This includes knowledge of variables and scoping, arrays and objects, array methods, functions, arrow functions, DOM manipulation and event handlers, the “this” keyword, higher-order functions, callback functions, prototypal inheritance, and object creation.
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Experience With Redux and Hooks for State Management

Redux is a popular state management library widely used in conjunction with ReactJS. It enables developers to manage application states predictably and efficiently. Remote ReactJS developers should have a solid understanding of Redux and its principles of functional programming and immutability. Additionally, they should be proficient in using Hooks, a feature introduced in ReactJS version 16.8, in accessing state and other React lifecycle functions in functional components. When you hire a React.JS developer through us, you get each skill that makes the candidate a perfect fit for your business.
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Proficiency in node.JS and NPM for Third-Party Integrations

ReactJS is best used with Node.js, which provides a powerful runtime environment for building scalable and efficient applications. Developers familiar with Node.js and NPM (Node Package Manager) can take advantage of the vast array of packages available in the NPM registry. These packages can help extend the capabilities of ReactJS and streamline the development process.
Standard Project Management
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Experience With Standard Project Management Methodologies

Agile development practices have become the norm in modern software development, and it’s important to hire React developer who is familiar with agile methodologies. Test-driven development (TDD) is a key aspect of agile development, and developers should be comfortable with TDD, BDD (Behavior-Driven Development), and unit testing. Familiarity with testing tools such as Jest, Enzyme, Jasmine, Karma, Mocha, and Selenium is also a plus. We comprehensively review your requirements and choose candidates that would truly add value to your business.
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Knowledge of MVC Design Pattern

The Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern is a widely used architecture in software development, and ReactJS developers should be familiar with its principles. MVC divides an application’s input, processing, and output, making managing and scaling complex applications easier. Developers who understand MVC will be better equipped to build maintainable and scalable ReactJS applications.
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Ability to Write Clean Code

Clean code is essential for building maintainable and scalable applications. ReactJS developers should be able to write code that is easy to read, understand, and modify. When reviewing resumes and work portfolios, look for candidates with a track record of writing clean and efficient code.
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Why Choose RapidHiring® for Hiring Remote Reactjs Developers?

One of the many benefits is our ability to connect you with a larger pool of quality remote ReactJS developers in the industry. Not only do these developers possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, but they also offer unique advantages that traditional in-house developers simply can’t match.
Top Talent
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Extended Access to Top-Tier Talent

The greatest benefit of considering to hire remote ReactJS developers is immediate access to an extended pool of talent and expertise. With a wealth of experience working on various projects, our remote developers can offer unique perspectives and insights that support your needs.
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Time & Cost Savings

Another major benefit of RapidHiring® is the savings of time and costs. You’ll be able to tap into an extended network of top-tier resources, many of whom offer their services at a fraction of the cost of in-house developers. This not only saves you time and money, it also frees up your resources that can be invested back into your core activity.
Cost-Effective Solution
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Flexibility and Agility

Remote ReactJS developers bring a level of flexibility to your team that is unparalleled. Whether you need developers for a short-term project or a long-term engagement, our remote resources can seamlessly integrate into your workflow, offering their expertise and support as needed.
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Focus on Quality

VitesseWorks is dedicated to providing professionals of the highest caliber. We choose candidates who meet the criteria, ensuring that you only work with the most competent and proficient individuals when hiring React JS developers.
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Security and Confidentiality

VitesseWorks is aware of the importance of security and confidentiality. We keep a close eye on our developers’ adherence to these agreements. In order to add an additional degree of security and peace of mind, we also assist with the signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) when needed.
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Build blended teams for your Business Continuity

You can now configure a blended teams, a combo of remote and onsite resources, reducing your dependency on one hiring model and long timelines. This strategy helps you to keep your business on, always, whether the needs are cyclical or seasonal. For example, you can decide to hire remote specialists; with RapidHiring® for regular activities and internal teams for design, testing and delivery, or vice versa.

Need immediate resources? Rapid Hire now!

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Partner with VitesseWorks Today!

So if you’re looking for top-tier ReactJS developers to help take your business to newer heights, look no further than VitesseWorks. With our network of remote developers, we can help you find the talent you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more about how RapidHiring® can help your business thrive!

At VitesseWorks, we believe hiring the right talent within the right timelines is key to the success of any business. That’s why we take the process of finding the perfect ReactJS developer for your team very seriously.

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4 Simple Steps to Hire React JS Developers

Share Your Requirement

When you partner with us to hire remote developers, we’ll work with you to create a detailed list of your specific requirements (JD) and the project urgency. From there, we’ll use our extensive network of top-tier developers to find candidates who match your criteria.


Get Relevant Resumes

Our team of experts carefully analyzes each resume to ensure that every candidate we send your way meets your requirements. We consider not only technical skills and experience but also cultural fit and availability, essential for your project’s success.

Traditional Hiring Vitesse Works
Time-to-Hire 45-90 Days 1-3 Days
Replacement Time 30-45 Days 1-3 Days
Fixed Cost For the term of employment No Fixed Cost
Scale Up/Down Slow Fast & Flexible
Project Readiness Need to train Delivery from Day 1
Retention Rate Very Subjective High Retention
Great Resignation Impact High impact Low / no impact
Willingness to join Depends on many factors High Interest

Traditional Hiring

Vitesse Works

Schedule Interview

After reviewing the resumes, you can schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates. This will provide you with an opportunity to evaluate their technical skills, communication abilities, and cultural fit for your team. We can assist you in setting up and conducting remote interviews to make the process seamless and efficient.


Upon Selection, Sign an Agreement/NDA and Get Started

We’ll work with you to finalise the agreement or Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), if necessary, after you’ve chosen the remote software developer for your project. The chosen developer can get to work on your project straight away after the appropriate paperwork is finished.

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Top Interview Questions to Hire ReactJS Developers

An excellent candidate should explain that ReactJS is a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces (UIs) and that it uses a virtual DOM to efficiently update UI components. They should also mention that React’s declarative approach allows developers to write reusable code and efficiently manage state changes.

A strong candidate should be able to provide a detailed explanation of the different phases of the ReactJS component lifecycle, such as mounting, updating, and unmounting. They should also be able to explain how lifecycle methods like componentDidMount() and componentWillUnmount() are used to manipulate and update components during each phase.

A suitable answer would be that props (short for properties) are used to pass data from one component to another, while state is used to manage data within a single component. A strong candidate should also be able to explain that props are immutable and passed down from a parent component, while state can be changed within the component using setState().

A good candidate should provide a specific example of how they have used Redux to manage state in a React project. They should explain how they have used actions, reducers, and the store to update and manage state changes across different components in the application.

An excellent candidate should explain that ReactJS provides several options for handling asynchronous code, such as using promises, async/await, and callbacks. They should also mention that using lifecycle methods like componentDidMount() can help ensure that asynchronous code is properly handled during component rendering.

A strong candidate should be able to identify common ReactJS performance issues, such as inefficient rendering and excessive re-renders, and provide solutions for addressing them. They should also be familiar with tools like React Profiler and Chrome DevTools for optimizing performance.

A suitable answer would be that React Router is a library used for managing client-side routing in a React application. A strong candidate should provide a specific example of how they have used React Router to manage routes and navigate between components in a previous project.

An excellent candidate should explain that dependency management in a ReactJS project can be done using tools like npm or Yarn. They should also mention that using a package.json file can help manage dependencies and ensure that the correct versions of libraries are used.

A suitable answer would be that error handling in ReactJS can be done using the componentDidCatch() method, which catches errors in child components and allows for displaying an error message. They should also mention that using try/catch blocks can help handle errors in asynchronous code. A strong candidate should be familiar with tools like React Error Boundaries and Sentry for handling and logging errors in a production environment.

A strong candidate should be familiar with testing tools and libraries like Jest and Enzyme for testing ReactJS components. They should provide an example of how they have used testing to ensure that components are rendering and behaving as expected, and that state changes are properly managed. They should also be able to explain the benefits of testing, such as increased code quality and improved confidence in the application.

These questions cover various topics, from ReactJS fundamentals to more advanced concepts like performance optimization and testing or questions for certified reactjs developers. By asking these types of questions, you can better understand a candidate’s expertise and experience and determine whether they would be a good fit for your team.


We are Rethinking Hiring services to benefit your Business!

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Hiring a remote React JS developer provides extended access to top talent from other locations, and brings savings and flexibility. With RapidHiring®, remote developers can be hired with confidence, knowing that specific requirements will be met within fixed budgets and high-quality work will be delivered.


When hiring a remote React JS developer, look for qualifications such as relevant technical skills, experience with the specific technologies and platforms required for your project, a strong portfolio of previous work, good communication skills, and the ability to work independently in a remote setting.  
To ensure effective communication with a remote React JS developer, establish clear expectations from the start and set up regular check-ins and communication channels. Utilize your time project management tools and software to keep track of the progress and ensure everyone is on the same page. Be responsive to your developer’s questions and concerns, and try to build a strong working relationship.
Our process begins with the consultation to understand your specific needs in the form of a JD and project urgency. We then match the JD from the talent pool with the required skills, experience and availability.
We have a vetting process for all developers in our talent pool. In the unlikely event of issues or concerns with availability and skills, within reasonable time from the start of the engagement, we will work with you to find a suitable replacement resource.

So, why wait? Hire React js developers and take your business to the next level with our remote developers!

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Turbocharge your Hiring!

Vitesse has achieved remarkable success within a few months of its incorporation by facilitating its clients to deliver projects at speed & quickly respond to cyclical changes in demand.

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