Need to Fill a Temporary Critical Position in your Project?

We offer Staffing-as-a-Service. Delivering Hiring Solutions OnDemand. Scaling made easier than ever to cater to your agile business needs.

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RapidHiring® - In the Newest Era of Staffing

Enterprises are fast leveraging the new hiring model to address their OnDemand, short-term staffing needs with qualified resources, without fixed costs.

Project-based freelancers or Independent Consultants are a great asset to any organization considering higher productivity, reduced time & cost to hire, and greater offer-to-join rates. RapidHiring® supports project engagements that could last a few weeks to a few months & beyond.
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With RapidHiring® Model, Recruit without any employment liabilities



Lengthy Process

Fixed Cost

Long-term commitment


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Key Highlights from various Surveys & Studies

In spite of an increase in salary by 100% for critical roles, to onboard around 400 laterals daily, a firm would need to make offers to 700 people daily considering the dropout ratio.

  • The size of the gig economy is projected to grow by a 17% CAGR & generate a gross volume of $455 bn by 2023.
  • 70% of organizations engaging in RapidHiring® were able to overcome a downturn much faster than those that did not.
  • The Indian Flexi staffing industry is bound to grow 6x.

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RapidHiring® - Key Differentiators

Gig Working is the Future, and RapidHiring® is here to stay

Cost saving

Create a Stronger Market Presence by Tapping the Gig Economy

Employees find it easier to work with companies that are flexible with their policies. By choosing RapidHiring®, you are tapping a highly-potential gig economy, to gain a multitude of benefits in return.


Rapid Hiring® &

Unlike traditional staffing, RapidHiring®The model enables an efficient and rapid onboarding process. You can overlook the plethora of paperwork during the onboarding phase by creating a simple contractual agreement.

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No More Overhead Costs - Training, Recruitment & Benefits

Spend less on hiring and more on growth. Hiring experts as independent contractors have perks of their own and saves costs, time and resources spent on training and knowledge transfer.

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Scaling Resources has never been this easy

Hiring for short-term projects based on a contractual agreement indicates time-based hiring, which makes staff scaling less complicated.


Bridge Skill Gap with Flexi Hiring™ Model

In the current job market, it is difficult to find the right resource with a perfect match of skill and experience.


Overcome Economic Fluctuations

By choosing to hire a mix of temporary and permanent staff, companies can overcome the unpredictable economic turbulence and retain critical resources during cost-cutting measures.


Compete In
Cutting Edge

Hire season project-ready resources with up-to-date skills at speed thereby creating a competitive edge by being nimble and agile.

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Choose your Hiring Model based on the criticality of the Position

Full time - 8 hours per day, part-time- 4 hours per day, hourly - 1 to 3 hours per day.


Become a Millennial - Friendly Business

More than ever, workplace flexibility has become a serious consideration for Millennials while choosing an employer. Offering flexible positions boost your employer brand in the job market.

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When are you RapidHiring®?

Vitesse has achieved remarkable success within a few months of its incorporation by facilitating its clients to deliver projects at speed & quickly respond to cyclical changes in demand.

White collar Gig workers will be the norm for India Inc. - Economic Times

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