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How is the Gig Economy changing the Future of Employment?



Every developed sector today was once raw enough to be discarded until it was revolutionized by an innovation. And that is exactly happening with the way talent is hired in today’s gig economy. All thanks to the emergence of the gig economy! Let’s unravel how the gig economy is reforming the future of employment:

Filling the demand and supply gap in the job market

Gig workers are expected to lap up every kicked opportunity by the fixed worker and perform better than them, courtesy, of their readiness to be competitive and stay updated in their skillset. Even the most traditional sectors would see huge numbers of gig workers soon. So the gig economy is filling the demand-supply gap of the job market and allowing companies to employ gig workers.

New employment options

The gig economy is an antidote to the traditional 9 to 5 workday. To relieve the stress from the humdrum of jam-packed office hours, the fixed workforce would shift to the gig economy with unprecedented numbers for employee conevience. Edison Research, as noted by Nasscom, has projected the future of the gig economy with every 1 in the 6 regular workers wanting to shift to the contract-work culture. This will bring in more employees to the gig economy, thereby giving more employment options to the organizations.

Changing the ground rules of employment

The gig economy will change the ground rules set by the corporate world in favor of both the corporates and the workforce. As Nasscom reported, businesses initially publishing schedules or work patterns would now shift to listing out multiple available deadlines to choose from, to offer a more flexible approach. It also noted that instead of schedules being assigned to employees, they will be asked to select the schedules that match their preferences.

Multiple opportunities for workers

The gig economy has opened gates to fulfilling dreams for people. Many gig workers are choosing the high-paying employment options to pay their bills and take up creative jobs to fuel their passion. With multiple opportunities, gig workers can simultaneously work on different assignments in the same or different industries. So the future picture of employment shows more and more people working on multiple assignments via the gig economy instead of sticking to a single assignment via a traditional job.

The gig economy has empowered the companies to employ more people without putting burden on their resources or needing an office space to employ additional gig workers. It is positively contributing to the world of employment by continuously changing its landscape. The gig economy is still evolving fast to build a robust future for the employment sector.


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