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Gig Working Economy and Gig Workers – Here is what you need to know!



Pandemic has brought about a paradigm shift in the working ways of businesses. With physical offices shutting down, remote working took the center stage, and the gig economy, previously inching forward at a snail’s pace, took leaps and bounds to emerge as a leading industry.

The word gig means a one-off event or assignment and serves as the basis of the whole economy built on such gigs. Companies hiring independent workers temporarily or project per se have contributed to a parallel recruitment industry known as the gig working economy. 50% Indian companies hire gig workers today, as reported by NASSCOM.

Gig Workers are temporary workers, popularly known by the term gig workers/freelancers, catering to the free-system economy thriving on a remote work culture. They are hired to address numerous roles which can be strategic or dynamic in nature.

Flexible working hours and short-duration projects are the two most important factors that contribute to the success of the gig economy. Almost all industry verticals and business domains fall in the purview of the gig economy. The gig workplace has gained popularity in the recent days among employers & employees due to its flexible approach & speed/urgency.

Benefits of the Gig Economy

  • The work culture is ideal for workers who wish to have a flexible lifestyle. That is why a high number of female workers joined the industry.
  • There is no pressure for career advancement. Thus, the workers are focused mainly on delivering the best to secure more gigs.
  • Both employers and gig workers have a plethora of work opportunities since the physical proximity of the worker is not a necessity.
  • Gig workers always have the choice to change careers when the saturation occurs; a risk often not weighed in by fixed employees.
  • Companies sizing down can hire gig workers as and when they need.
  • Companies do not feel the pressure to offer job security or insurance, thereby rolling in huge savings.

How to become a part of the Gig Economy?

Skilled resources are on the lookout for the right agency that bridges short-term job opportunities with the right talent. In the current scenario, employers are actively taking advantage of contractors to address their short-term project requirements. This trend could be attributed to the fact that this hiring model could cut down on overhead costs, (employee benefits, training, insurance, and infrastructure) reduce hiring time and ensure joining success rates. 

Gig workers across the globe also served as the saviors by delivering on-time services to the locked-down corporate world, adding value to everyday business requirements. By offering expert services at a no-strings attached delivery model, at reasonable hourly/monthly rate contracts, the gig worker model has contributed to a next-gen employer-employee relationship focused on business outcomes.

In an employer perspective, choosing the perfect gig worker for your short-term job openings means striking the perfect balance between getting the job done vs getting the job done at the right price.


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