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Read on how VitesseWorks addressed a Product Engineering firm with Full Stack Specialist (Java) within 1.5 days using RapidHiring® for Rearchitecting the product


About the Client:

Our client is a Product Engineering and Industrial Solutions firm which engineers industrial-grade digital products and solutions for OEMs, ISVs and other Service Provider Industries, including software development, firmware & hardware development, IIoT applications, IT-OT integration, field device integration, industrial communications, security engineering and testing services to global industrial OEMs and manufacturers.


To quickly onboard an experienced Full Stack Specialist to re-architect an entire product and optimize it as per the project requirements. The project duration was 3 months, and the right talent would contribute to the design and maintenance of a generic application that supports enterprises working on IIoT.


Vitesse’s RapidHiring® model had sourced the right candidate with 9 years’ experience in 1.5 days, followed by instant onboarding. The resource had delivered as per the project scope-contributed to the approach, designing & maintaining a generic IIoT management application for use across enterprises.

Value to the customer:

1.5 Days

Right Talent within


Saved Hiring Time


Saved Hiring Cost

3 months, each time

Contracts renewed Twice

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Flexi Hire Now!!

Vitesse has achieved remarkable success within a few months of its incorporation by facilitating its clients to deliver projects at speed & quickly respond to cyclical changes in demand.

The gig economy is gaining traction, and it is likely to continue impacting both individuals and employers for many years to come - Forbes

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