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Read on how VitesseWorks addressed in filling the resource gap within 2 hours using RapidHiring® for a Product Engineering firm that was facing acute shortage of Front-end resources due to sudden & high attrition

Product Engineering

About the Client:

Our client is a Product Engineering and Industrial Solutions firm which engineers industrial-grade digital products and solutions for OEMs, ISVs and other Service Provider Industries, including software development, firmware & hardware development, IIoT applications, IT-OT integration, field device integration, industrial communications, security engineering and testing services to global industrial OEMs and manufacturers.


To quickly onboard Angular.js developers to address staff shortages during the project completion phase. The challenge was to find the right resource who can deliver from day 1. The project duration was 2 months.

Solution & Impact:

Vitesse’s RapidHiring® model had sourced the right talent within 2 hours from its network of rockstar developers. The resource had 6+ years’ experience & was instantly onboarded.

The resource independently fixed major bugs by digging into the code & understanding the functionality. In addition to addressing high-priority project requirements, the need was to also fix issues in node.js. While the resource was a front-end developer, he went the extra mile & proactively did a crash course on node.js, thereby exhibiting instant cross-skilling. The resource de-bugged the backend code, fixed the issues successfully & completed the task in 30 days while the expectation was of 40 days.

Value to the customer:

2 hours

Right Talent within

10 days ahead

Met Project Deadlines


Saved Hiring Time


Saved Hiring Cost

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Flexi Hire Now!!

Vitesse has achieved remarkable success within a few months of its incorporation by facilitating its clients to deliver projects at speed & quickly respond to cyclical changes in demand.

The gig economy is gaining traction, and it is likely to continue impacting both individuals and employers for many years to come - Forbes

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